Within our last blogpost we addressed the e-waste dumpsite Agbogbloshie in Accra, Ghana. Clearly enough, the dealing with old electronic devices in Agbogbloshie is more than insufficient. But this is not just a local problem, Agbogbloshie is a representation of our general global problem of how we deal with (e)-waste. One of the revolving questions of this issue is: How can we stop the trend of throwing e-waste on dumpsites without recycling it properly?

It is our belief that there are plenty of solutions to questions concerning waste management. We just need them to get realized. In order to encourage you to develop your idea, we want to present you one idea that is being pursued in India. It is called Karma Recycling and it tackles e-waste issues.

Karma Recycling Logo

Founded in 2013 by Aamir Jariwala and Akshat Ghiya, the company stimulates the reuse of mobile devices through collecting smartphones, tablets and laptops and reselling them later on. Following their website, people in 25 cities across India can sell their used device to Karma Recycling. The user has to enter their website, pick the brand and model of the electronic device he or she wants to sell, and then answer some basic questions about the condition of the device.

According to the condition of the device, the company makes an offer for it. The people from Karma Recycling come pick it up and send it to one of their evaluation labs. After receiving and evaluating the device, Karma Recycling sends a final offer to the seller that can be accepted or declined. If accepted, the seller receives the money. If declined, the seller gets his device back.

Since the start of the project more than 100.000 mobile devices have been collected that would have normally been thrown on dumpsites! Of these 100.000 devices, 95% have been repaired and resold. The remaining 5% were recycled. The company thus tremendously contributes to a sustainable circular economy.

Karma Recycling impact
Karma Recycling impact

Karma Recycling is one perfect example of how an innovative idea can be developed and implemented. One simple idea can change the way how we handle our waste. At the same time projects like this reveal that the best ideas do not necessarily originate from big Think-Tanks, but sometimes are created by people who are directly confronted with these issues.

Global Pioneers wants to give a platform to those creative minds with innovative ideas to further pursue their ideas. If you think you can offer solutions that tackle waste problems from all around the globe, we want to support you. You can apply to our start-up competition and get the chance to win a funding of up to 25.000€ as well as an invitation to our business workshop here in Berlin. All further information on the application process can be found on our Global Pioneers website. You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date on the latest project developments!