The following idea we are going to present you, is as simple as it is brilliant! On our way to a plastic-free and sustainable society everybody needs to participate. This includes the individual as well as the big companies. The service “Loop” now tackles several waste issues at once. Although the service is not the first to “invent” the idea, it is the biggest and largest-scaling model to date. We want to share their idea and give our opinion on the new service.

The core of the “Loop” idea is to provide a zero-waste-platform for consumers. In collaboration with several big brand companies like Unilever, Procter & Gamble or Häagen-Dazs the project will test a reusable packaging service. Starting in spring 2019 the platform will initially be available in New York and in Paris. And here is how it works:

Loop and the companies sat together and developed special re-use packaging for their products. In the picture at the top of the article you can see one of these by Häagen-Dazs, an ice-cream manufacturer. The costumer can order the product in those re-use packages. The order will then be delivered in a reusable tote bag. The idea behind these reusable bags is to dispense with cardboard boxes. Consumers pay a small deposit for the package. After the product is used it can be placed back in the package and it gets picked up by the delivery-company. Subsequently the packaging, for example the one seen above, gets disinfected and refilled so it can be delivered elsewhere. Apart from ice-cream you can also order products like deodorant or mouthwash.

Maybe this idea can initiate your imagination on how to tackle waste problems all around the world. Our goal is to support those who have innovative and ambitious ideas on how to create a sustainable society. If you have an idea concerning the wasteproblematic but don’t find yourself in the position to pursue it, we are happy to help you. Join our startup competition and send your application until 28th of February and get the chance to win funding as well as our know-how-support! We are thrilled to hear about your idea! Further information can be found on our website.

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Picturecredits to Loop & their partner